Energy Drink

A safer alternative compared to its competitors in the energy drink market.

Apple %
D-Ribose per mg
Taurine %


The 10% apple juice concentrate in Pimpjuice makes it such a sexy, subtle, clever ingredient.

Been around
Since 2003

Our origins

Created by a company where hip-hop super star Nelly (Cornell Haynes Jnr.) is Co-Owner, Pimpjuice uses one of the more unique energy drink formulation.

Refreshing and exciting to drink

Uniquely refreshing and exciting to drink, the all new sparkling apple energy drinks is packed with extra strength, a rich apple flavor, exceptional taste and health appeal. EXTRA STRENGTH FORMULA has more kick than most of the other energy drinks and it doesn’t make you crash.


The combination of apple juice with the all-natural functional ingredients, a beverage of unimaginably intense aroma and beneficial effects is created.

Formulated to be brilliant

Formulated to be brilliant. Designed to be noticed. The Pimpjuice brand incites much talk around friends about the taste as well as its catchy name.

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